Merkaartor development

Added by a b over 3 years ago

What's about merkaartor development. Is there anyone still working?

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RE: Merkaartor development - Added by Chris Browet over 3 years ago

Development is idle since the beginning of the year since I kind of lost motivation.

Big imports are done by custom scripts and Potlach2 seems a very capable and user-friendly editor for manual editing, so adding features to Merkaartor seems a bit futile.

I definitely should find some time to integrate bugfixes, though...

RE: Merkaartor development - Added by Christian Hattemer about 3 years ago

I'm very much interested in seeing further development of Merkaartor. I don't like Flash or Java, which makes Merkaartor about the only option.

It's generally a great thing, but there's a bug which is quite annoying. I've opened bug #3302 about that.

I've also posted patch #3303 to make the undo list more informative.

So please continue with development! I would very much appreciate fixing the bug as well as any other improvements.

I would also be interested to hear how much stable the current state of 0.18 is considered to be and what would be missing for a release, apart from motivation.

RE: Merkaartor development - Added by Jack Kittle about 3 years ago

Thanks for producing a great product! For me, Merkaartor fits the space between P2 and a bulk upload quite well. I hope you continue development! If there are ways that others can help, please let us know.

RE: Merkaartor development - Added by Sophia Purdy almost 3 years ago

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