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opening large files

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I have been having an issue with importing large.shp files or large .osm files.
The files dont appear to open at all. If I try it on the mac it just hangs forever and if I try it on the PC (using vista using Merkaartor v0.16.1) it hangs for some time then I get a C++ runtime error message. This occurs in both .shp and osm files formats.
The shape files are opening with ArcGis 9.3 ok, so there is noting wrong with the files.
I have been trying to work on Australian data downloaded from www.cloudmade.com.
The region files vary from 50,000kb to 2.0gb.
Can anybody give some advise?




Updated by Chris Browet over 4 years ago

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I'm afraid Merkaartor do not scale well for continent-wide files.
The c-runtime you get is probably an out-of-memory error.

I'll keep this open as a background task trying to optimize for large(r) files, but in the meantime, you might try other tools more adequate for such an editing scale, or try to splice up the work.

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