Merkaartor was started by Bart Vanhauwaert () as a toy project to get aquainted with Qt4 programming. He knows qt4 now. Bart being less active in the project now, others have joined in to help improve merkaartor.

Copyright 2006-2009 Bart Vanhauwaert, Chris Browet and others

- Bart Vanhauwaert ()
- Chris Browet
- Elrond ()
- Oliver Heesakkers
- Patric Cameron
- Geoff Richards
- Raphael Studer
- Matt Williams
- Daniel van Gerpen
- Colin Marquardt
- Andreas Laas
- Vincent Meurisse
- Dirk Stöcker
- Tomás Mika
- Yves "LonelyPixel" Goergen
- Toby Speight

Merkaartor uses icons from the Tango Desktop Project

(Please refer to the AUTHORS file in Git for a possibly more up-to-date list of authors.