Merkaartor 0.18.3 released (published on 06. 09. 2016)

A new version of Merkaartor has been released, the 0.18.3. It is the (hopefully) last bugfix release for the 0.18.3 branch and contains many minor fixes and a few feature improvements. You can download it in the Download section.

Check out a short changelog in the repository or a complete list of commits. Here are a few that might be of interest:

Unless some fatal issue is found, the next release will start the 0.19 series. I have some changes already in mind, but I'm looking for suggestions. Let me know if you have some wishes!

Merkaartor 0.18.2 released (published on 19. 07. 2015)

After a long sleep, the 0.18.2 version of Merkaartor is released. It's mostly bug-fixing release, with some internal improvements to the infrastructure. You can download it in the Download section.

Some of the big changes are:

What's planned for the next release?

The web is back up (published on 15. 03. 2015)

After some time, the is back up. As the old redmine stuff was not updated, buggy, and not secure, it was down for a long time. I've built a new, simple site, mostly for publishing news and hosting releases. All the bug tracking integrated in the old site will now happen on github.