Merkaartor is developed with the GPL edition of the Qt library and is available under the GNU General Public License. Binaries below are also compiled with the open source edition of the same Qt library.

As is usual with free software, there is no guarantee these files will work, it is not even guaranteed they will not harm your system, although I’ve tried to double check everything (and they work for me).



The following distributions provide packages in their repositories:


  • Merkaartor 0.19.0: Only 64bit build is available.
  • Merkaartor 0.18.4: Only 64bit build is available.
  • Merkaartor 0.18.3: 33bit or 64bit.
  • Merkaartor 0.18.2: 32bit or 64bit.

Mac OS X


The bleeding edge version is always available on our github. You can get your sources using git like this:

git clone

More details, including Windows build process, can be found in the repository itself (INSTALL file).

Nightly builds

Automated nightly builds for Mac OS X and Windows are available on You can use these for testing and reporting bugs, but be aware that they may contain unfinished features and new bugs.