All the localization is done via transifex.

Please, read the following text before you start translating into your language. The translations are not THAT easy. It’s necessary to check the context to see what’s being translated, as for example “Undo” once means “undo one action”, and once “the list of actions that can be undone”.

How to translate

If you want to translate, stick to the following rules:

  • Have Merkaartor open at hand, and check context if necessary. Never translate if you don’t know the context.
  • Always check existing translations for similar texts, try to keep terminology consistent.
  • If you think the text should not be translated, mark it with label “Remove” (for example, fi you find some XML headers).
  • If you don’t know what the text means, mark it with label “Explain” (and/or ask in the mailing list).